Pro2col to Administer CFTP Programme in Europe

Pro2col, Europe’s leading independent managed file transfer experts, is now the official administrator of the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) program in all of Europe. As the official administrator of the CFTP, Pro2col is authorized to sell both computer-based and instructor-led training to any individual or organization in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany and the […]

CFTP Provides Managed File Transfer Training and Certification

Managed file transfer training and certification is finally available to companies who need to hire, onboard and retrain transmissions personnel. This two-minute video provides a quick overview of the new CFTP program, including a first look at the study guide, test and certificate. The CFTP program was developed in February 2014 and was in beta […]

MFT Vendors Respond to Heartbleed

Over the past few days, File Transfer Consulting has been working with dozens of managed file transfer vendors to coordinate a fast and thorough industry response to the Heartbleed breach. Complete details can be found here: Heartbleed vs. FTP Servers

Possibly the Future for Managed File Transfer?

Where We Are Today On any given day millions of files are zapping across the Internet in a seemingly endless stream of data. File/data sharing or exchange, however you may care to think, of it is growing exponentially. As a consequence there has been the development of an industry to aid and support those wishing […]

File Transfer Consulting at ASIS 2013

  This year File Transfer Consulting was honored to present at ASIS International 2013, the 59th annual seminar and exhibits at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Our presentation was a competitive information security entrant that discussed how slight changes in password technology could be used to easily detect “low and slow” brute force scans that […]

“More Files Moved Than Tweets Sent”

Attachmate‘s number crunchers have been busy lately, and their latest calculations show that more files than tweets are sent each and every day. Infographic: Files and Tribulations – The Importance of Managed File Transfer Managed File Transfer Infographic Transcript Files and Tribulations – The Importance of Managed File Transfer We live in an impatient world. […]

Syslog Test Message Utility

The Syslog Test Message Utility will send UDP-based syslog messages to any Syslog server you choose. It is free software and runs on any Windows operating system that supports .NET 4.0. After specifying the Syslog server hostname and UDP port (port 514 is the default Syslog port), you specify the level (e.g., “Information (6)”), facility […]

New Service: Managed File Transfer News

Today we’re announcing the inclusion of managed file transfer news from five top vendors: RhinoSoft, Linoma, Axway, TIBCO and SEEBURGER. These five vendors span the industry in terms of cost, scope and size, and will provide our readers with a diverse perspective from various corners of the industry. Additional vendors, consultants and others who blog […]

File Transfer Governance

File Transfer Consulting and Primeur have collaborated on a new white paper that redefines managed file transfer from the perspective of business units served by shared IT services. >> Download the PDF: “File Governance for File Transfer” “Too many teams behave as if their customers were individual end users rather than the business units that […]

When should I use a UC4 Schedule object?

By now you realize that there are several ways to get UC4 Jobs, JobFlows, Scripts and other objects to execute periodically.  Some of the more common ways include using “Execute Recurring…” from the GUI, using ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT from another scheduled object’s script, relying on retry-until logic or activating a Schedule object. However, there are some clear-cut instances […]