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Andy White and I started File Transfer Consulting in 2011 to solve secure file transfer and managed file transfer issues through strategic analysis, training, integration and custom development. Our unique approach allows us to address complicated issues like no one else.

Before FTC I created and then led the development of Ipswitch's MOVEit managed file transfer software for ten exciting years, including three as VP for R&D and Product Management at Ipswitch (WS_FTP, MessageWay and hosted services). I also served for VP for Product Management for RhinoSoft (Serv-U), where I guided the development of managed file capabilities and marketing that led to its eventual sale to SolarWinds.

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Private File Sharing and Synchronization Demand Doubles in Three Months

Lately the news from managed file transfer vendors has been all about layoffs, downsizing and offshoring, but perhaps there’s still some life left in our industry. A provocative new study from 451 Research suggests that MFT vendors should be currently benefiting from a sudden shift in corporate attitudes toward file sharing and synchronization (which we […]

2014 Managed File Transfer Predictions – True or Not?

As the managed file transfer industry wraps up 2014, it’s time to look at how accurate my MFT predictions for 2014 turned out to be. Prediction #1: As Competition Increases, Certification Becomes More Important Grade: A Discussion: The managed file transfer industry now has a vendor-independent training and certification program: the Certified File Transfer Professional […]

Exfiltration: Definition, Security Risk and Prevention

Exfiltration is an unauthorized file transfer (or other bulk data transfer) that creates a security breach by allowing malicious people outside a security perimeter access to confidential information.   As was the case with the infamous Target credit card breach, exfiltration is often used as the final step in a broader scheme to gather sensitive […]

Managed File Transfer and Heartbleed (Also FTP Servers)

The Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL affects many managed file transfer, secure file transfer, FTP server and FTP client technologies.  File Transfer Consulting has compiled a list of vendor and project statements about Heartbleed remediation here. (Long story short, the “Heartbleed” vulnerability allows people to request chunks of memory from target servers.  This memory often contains […]

Is My Managed File Transfer Software Secure?

In a recent LinkedIn thread, Steve Thompson of Humana suggested that managed file transfer (MFT) vendors whose applications were cracked and used in a cyber attack would need to have “serious talks with their insurance carrier(s).”  Unfortunately, it may be easier to hack a managed file transfer application than you might think. Let’s pick on […]

Could Managed File Transfer Have Prevented the Target Credit Card Breach?

December’s Target credit card breach attracted my attention because it used FTP to send files from an “exfiltration” server at Target to criminals. Could managed file transfer (MFT) have prevented the attackers from sending (via “exfiltration“) Target’s sensitive data? The Target Hack Depended on File Transfer The Target attack was complex and required both skill […]

Managed File Transfer Predictions for 2014

Managed File Transfer continued to amaze me in 2013.  I was surprised by the sheer number of new companies and products that continued to enter the space, even though the industry doesn’t seem to be getting that much bigger.  With that and other managed file transfer news from 2013 in my mind, here are my […]

Could Google QUIC Become An Extreme File Transfer Standard?

Were extreme file transfer vendors asleep at the wheel when Google announced it was going to push a UDP-based file transfer acceleration protocol named QUIC? What is QUIC? QUIC stands for “Quick UDP Internet Connections”.  It’s very much like the proprietary UDP protocols file transfer acceleration vendors use (and UDT – see below) in that […]

Free FTP Clients – Why Do They Want to Be Free?

In the mid-1990’s, there were three things you needed to get on the Internet from your Windows desktop.  1) A Trumpet WinSock to get TCP/IP working through your modem.  2) Netscape Navigator to surf the web and find files.  3) WS_FTP LE to upload and download files through FTP sites. For years, WS_FTP’s hold on […]

Compare MOVEit DMZ/Central to Serv-U FTP Server

MOVEit® and Serv-U® are two file transfer brands that started in wildly different places but bump heads in the low end of the managed file transfer space.  As the only person on the planet who worked on both brands (I wrote MOVEit DMZ and designed MOVEit Central, then served as PM for Serv-U), I have […]