2014 Managed File Transfer Predictions – True or Not?

As the managed file transfer industry wraps up 2014, it’s time to look at how accurate my MFT predictions for 2014 turned out to be. Prediction #1: As Competition Increases, Certification Becomes More Important Grade: A Discussion: The managed file transfer industry now has a vendor-independent training and certification program: the Certified File Transfer Professional […]

Managed File Transfer and Heartbleed (Also FTP Servers)

The Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL affects many managed file transfer, secure file transfer, FTP server and FTP client technologies.  File Transfer Consulting has compiled a list of vendor and project statements about Heartbleed remediation here. (Long story short, the “Heartbleed” vulnerability allows people to request chunks of memory from target servers.  This memory often contains […]

Is My Managed File Transfer Software Secure?

In a recent LinkedIn thread, Steve Thompson of Humana suggested that managed file transfer (MFT) vendors whose applications were cracked and used in a cyber attack would need to have “serious talks with their insurance carrier(s).”  Unfortunately, it may be easier to hack a managed file transfer application than you might think. Let’s pick on […]

Free FTP Clients – Why Do They Want to Be Free?

In the mid-1990’s, there were three things you needed to get on the Internet from your Windows desktop.  1) A Trumpet WinSock to get TCP/IP working through your modem.  2) Netscape Navigator to surf the web and find files.  3) WS_FTP LE to upload and download files through FTP sites. For years, WS_FTP’s hold on […]

Compare MOVEit DMZ/Central to Serv-U FTP Server

MOVEit® and Serv-U® are two file transfer brands that started in wildly different places but bump heads in the low end of the managed file transfer space.  As the only person on the planet who worked on both brands (I wrote MOVEit DMZ and designed MOVEit Central, then served as PM for Serv-U), I have […]

What does the SSL/TLS BEAST exploit mean for my web-based file transfer application?

Researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in TLS v1.0 and SSL v3.0 that allows attackers to silently decrypt data that’s passing between a webserver and an end-user browser. This vulnerability can be exploited using a new cookie-based technique called “BEAST” (“Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS”) that takes advantage of block-oriented cipher implementation such as AES and […]

Avoiding “the connection was reset” errors on Serv-U

If you are careless with your keystrokes in Serv-U’s IP Access rules you may end up seeing a “connection was reset” error when you try to connect remotely. The most common cause of this error is a mangled entry in Serv-U’s forgiving list of allowed IP rules.  The following example shows a truncated IPv4 address […]

Consolidate Your Legacy FTP Servers to Serv-U

Have you ever wondered “where did I get all these different FTP servers?”   If so, you’re not alone.  “Server sprawl” appeared as a major IT concern in the mid 2000’s and it continues to plague IT departments worldwide today. Since the last recession began, many IT administrators have been reducing their administrative workloads and cost […]

Using Serv-U and FTP Voyager in an ETL process

We just launched a YouTube channel dedicated to file transfer. First up is a two-part integration spotlight: “Using Serv-U and FTP Voyager in an ETL process” This video shows how a business can maximize ROI by reusing existing transaction logs and DB/reporting software, with minimal investments in leading-edge file transfer technology and integration services. In […]