Managed File Transfer and Heartbleed (Also FTP Servers)

The Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL affects many managed file transfer, secure file transfer, FTP server and FTP client technologies.  File Transfer Consulting has compiled a list of vendor and project statements about Heartbleed remediation here. (Long story short, the “Heartbleed” vulnerability allows people to request chunks of memory from target servers.  This memory often contains […]

Gentran Server vs. Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)

An interesting take on (Sterling Commerce’s, now IBM’s) Gentran Server vs. Gentran Integration Suite from a posting to the public “EDI Professionals” group by “Jeff” on LinkedIn. “Gentran Server and Gentran Integration Suite are radically different animals. Gentran Server does simple translation and storage of data, that’s it. If you understand mapping and basic coding: […]

Dealing with your annual Sterling Commerce renewal

So, it’s September* and you’re dealing with yet another six-figure Sterling Commerce maintenance renewal. This is the time of year many of you will call, hoping to swap out your Connect:Direct (C:D) or Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) systems as fast as humanly possible. First, the good news: management loves projects with high ROIs, and replacing […]