Managed File Transfer Made Simple

Managed file transfer should be simple: easy to set up, secure and monitor.

Simple solutions drive down costs, reduce mistakes and let your staff focus on the work they were hired to do rather than lost files, retransmissions and flaky scripts. As North America’s only vendor-independent firm focused on managed file transfer and data exchange issues, we help you develop a comprehensive transmissions strategy that makes data exchange simple and addresses any gaps in technology, operations or integration.

At the outset of an engagement, our analysis services identify cost drivers and improve visibility into data quality and movement. From there, we work with your operations teams and lines of business (LOB) to develop:
• Consolidation plans to reduce expenses and clean up sprawl
• Process and interface improvements to streamline workflows
• Tailored solutions (software, customization and professional services) to integrate with enterprise applications and build out new file transfer and governance capabilities

Deliverables may include a business case (including ROI), diagrams, workflows and roll-out schedule, including capacity/DR planning and migration.

In fulfillment of a file transfer plan we perform single-system design, installation, migration from one technology to another, monitoring of SLAs and custom script, template or map development.

Training and implementation services are also provided to support your technology and any customization performed.

Post-installation details such as documentation for multiple audiences, security audits, performance testing and integration with enterprise authentication, reporting and monitoring technology are also covered.

Existing installations will benefit from health checks, new hire staff training, upgrades and ongoing deployment services.

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