Simple ETL for Fixed-Width Flat Files To JDBC Relational Databases

One of the most common activities following the download of a fixed-length flat file (the kind we used to write in COBOL) is to import it into a modern database.

A second common file transfer activity is to parse a fixed-length file transfer log, such as a Sterling NDM usage report.

Today we released a free command-line utility called “Simple ETL for JDBC” to import fixed-length flat files like these into relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and H2 using a JDBC connection.

Our “Simple ETL for JDBC” utility is:

  • Multiplatform: Written in Java, it can run under Windows, Linux and other platforms that support Java.
  • Simple to use: A ZERO CODE approach to column/field mappings is supported.  If can you understand phrases like Name=(54,62), you can use this utility.
  • Fast: Flat files are read line-by-line and database inserts are performed as lines are parsed.
  • Automation-Friendly: 3 verbosity modes and 9 return codes let your scripts, workflows, and operators figure out exactly what did or didn’t happen with every run.
  • FREE!

At File Transfer Consulting we use this utility to help us make sense of log files from many different file transfer systems during consolidation surveys and performance analysis.  We also deploy it when customers want to quickly upload flat files into databases…and don’t want to have to call a programmer if something changes.

Download your own FREE copy today!

About Jonathan Lampe

Andy White and I started File Transfer Consulting in 2011 to solve secure file transfer and managed file transfer issues through strategic analysis, training, integration and custom development. Our unique approach allows us to address complicated issues like no one else.

Before FTC I created and then led the development of Ipswitch's MOVEit managed file transfer software for ten exciting years, including three as VP for R&D and Product Management at Ipswitch (WS_FTP, MessageWay and hosted services). I also served for VP for Product Management for RhinoSoft (Serv-U), where I guided the development of managed file capabilities and marketing that led to its eventual sale to SolarWinds.

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