Managed File Transfer Audit

Our MFTAudit™ (“Managed File Transfer Audit”) is a unique service where we examine your managed file transfer requirements, operations, technology and strategy for three days and compare them against managed file transfer best practices.

During this engagement we will document what drives your critical data exchange flows and the SLAs around delivery and provisioning.  We will also examine the processes that move, transform and monitor your flows and help you anticipate changes to keep pace with corporate, industry or regulatory trends.

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Review the 16 Questions Covered by all MFT Audits

The end result is a professional report with findings and recommendations, presented in an exit conference led by the industry expert who conducted the audit.

File Transfer Consulting’s founder had these kinds of conversations with more than one hundred managed file transfer datacenters as he led the development of products and services for two thriving file transfer vendors.  Put our expertise to work for you today in an honest, vendor-independent evaluation of where you are and where you should be.

To get started, download our one-page MFTAudit questionnaire or contact us for more information.