File Transfer Integration

Use our File Transfer Integration engagements to tie your file transfer technology into enterprise applications, authentication servers, your NOC and critical infrastructure, whether on premises or in the cloud.

We specialize in integrating file transfer technology with these common applications:

Workflow engines and schedulers – Do you need file transfers kicked off and controlled by a different piece of software?  Do you need to coordinate results or provide “cradle to grave” visibility?   We can make this happen through tighter integration of file transfer technology, workflow engines and third-party schedulers.

Portals – Your web portal is your window to your customers, whether internal or external.  We can make sure your file transfer solution is an integrated part of your portal deployment.

Cloud services – Cloud services provided by leaders such as SalesForce, Amazon and Rackspace are exploding.   Make sure your file transfer technology keeps up and can leverage or migrate to these services as your company’s use of them increases.

Authentication services – Tight integration with your Active Directory (AD), LDAP, RADIUS, RSA, Siteminder, custom database or other authentication server is a security and administration best practice these days.  We can help close any gaps between the authentication ideal and your deployment.

Reporting engines – Third-party reporting utilities such as Crystal Reports and full-blown “business intelligence” (BI) solutions are becoming a crucial part of your business’s insight into operations.  Ensure your file transfer deployment ties into these decision-driving report engines with our integration services.

Monitoring and control consoles – SIEM solutions, software such as HP OpenView and even simple tools like SysLog, SNMP and Windows Event Logs are necessary components of a centrally managed deployment.  Our integration services can help you tie your file transfer software into your critical command and control systems.

Enterprise applications – Do you speak EAI, ESB, MOM or SOA?  So do we, and we can help teach your file transfer systems to do the same.

The file transfer solutions developed and deployed by File Transfer Consulting’s people are currently used in more than one thousand mission critical deployments in finance, energy, insurance, retail and government today.  Put North America’s top independent file transfer experts to work for you today.