Managed File Transfer SLAs

Meeting and monitoring managed file transfer service level agreements (SLAs)

Do you know what level of service your management team has agreed you will provide? Are you meeting it? Would you like to know in advance if you’re about to miss it?

We can help develop policies, procedures, reports, alerts and custom technology to ensure that you meet and exceed your SLAs, and boost your star through prevention rather than reaction.

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The three most common types of managed file transfer SLAs we encounter in the field are:

  • Completion of Work – Did a particular set of work (e.g., specific files sent, number of responses, etc.) happen for a particular customer in a particular time frame?
  • Response Time – If I submit a file now, how long will it take the response to return to me? 
  • Uptime – Were all systems up and responsive during the past month?

Missed SLAs can cost your business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in contractual fines.  Avoid the charges and embarrassment by engaging our services today.