Free Managed File Transfer Software and Resources

We offer several free resources to improve your file transfer operations and demonstrate what you can expect from our team in longer engagements.  These include a the PDF study guide for the CFTP managed file transfer certification, a managed file transfer ROI calculator, an IPv6 Readiness whitepaper, a list of 16 best practices, short industry analysis sessions, tips and tricks, a glossary, free software, RFP assistance and more.

MFT Certification Study Guide – The official PDF study guide for the Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP) managed file transfer training program. (Video training is available with each paid examination, but the study guide is free.)

MFT ROI Calculator – An online, mobile-friendly tool that lets transmission departments, project managers and decision makers build or evaluate managed file transfer business cases.

File Transfer IPv6 Readiness – This whitepaper by CTO Andy White tests eleven different file transfer products for IPv6 readiness and provides guidance on advancing with IPv6 in your own managed file transfer deployment.

16 Top MFT Questions – A one-page list of 16 questions every managed file transfer shop should know the answers to.  We use this list to prepare for our innovative MFTAudit service.

Tips and Tricks – Quick hints and longer procedures to help you get the most out of your existing file transfer investments.

File Transfer Glossary – Definitions of common file transfer terms such as “double post”, brief descriptions of major file transfer products and vendors and dozens of  file transfer best practices.

30-Minute Industry Analysis – A live conversation with our president or staff analyst about the state of the file transfer industry and relative strengths and weaknesses of the products, vendors and open source projects that serve it.

We also publish some free secure file transfer software or free managed file transfer software.

Simple ETL for JDBC – a free command-line utility used to import fixed-length flat files like mainframe dumps and log files into relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and H2 using a JDBC connection.

DivConq – a free framework that helps Java programmers work with MUMPS databases, such as the one that powers Epic Systems health care information systems.

Low and Slow Brute Force Utility – a free security tool that performs low-and-slow brute-force scans against FTP servers, SFTP servers and FTPS servers. Includes customizable username and password lists.

Syslog Test Message Utility – a free tool that sends a customizable UDP-based syslog message to any syslog server on any port.

Other Free Managed File Transfer Software

MOVEit Freely – free command-line FTP client and FTPS client software for Windows. It uses just about the same syntax as Windows’ original FTP client, but adds full FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) support.

FTP Voyager – free GUI FTP client, FTPS client and SFTP client software for Windows. The main interface is similar to dozens of other FTP clients, but it also includes powerful scheduling utilities and synchronization utilities for free.

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition – free OpenPGP tool to automate PGP encryption and decryption.