Success Stories

business_man_by_healingdream_squareBefore founding File Transfer Consulting, President Jonathan Lampe worked closely with more than one hundred transmissions departments as Product Manager for two thriving managed file transfer vendors, including one named as a “Leader” in the 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Managed File Transfer.  Lampe was responsible for creating the MOVEit managed file transfer suite, two managed file transfer SaaS services and Ipswitch File Transfer’s professional services offerings. Today, more than 1,200 enterprises around the world use managed file transfer solutions developed by Lampe, a legacy he carries forward into new solutions from File Transfer Consulting.

We do not currently publish a list of customers for several reasons.  First, by contract, most of our customers prohibit advertising (such as this web site) that invokes their name.  Second, several customers “belong” jointly to File Transfer Consulting and a particular managed file transfer vendor who introduced us to an opportunity because it was beyond the reach or timing of their internal staff.  Third, since many of our engagements involve injecting reality into a situation where a customer was oversold, appearing on our site shortly after headlining a vendor’s press release could make for an embarrassing situation.

However, we do make connections to certain customers for purposes of referral, and we can tell you that we are active in the financial services, insurance, energy, health care and other sectors; industries that we have served in other walks of life for many years.  Please contact us to learn more.

Managed File Transfer Success Stories

We have provided some of the highlights of recent engagements below.  All were completed on time and on budget.

1) A mid-sized technology company contracted File Transfer Consulting to perform an recommendation of possible file transfer acquisition targets.  Over the period of a month we did an initial screen, dug into the marketing and products of seven targets, worked through a gating and checkpoint process, and provided a final recommendation and preliminary price targets for three firms.

2) A start-up contracted File Transfer Consulting to revive, secure, update and document a secure file transfer server after the employee who set it up left.

3) File Transfer Consulting developed and deployed custom software (written primarily in Java) along with the deployment of a popular MFT package to manage the archival of configurations from important Internet infrastructure nodes managed by one of the Internet’s governing bodies.  The custom automation software FTC wrote allows operators to requeue and request batches of PGP-encrypted files, and performs a secure merge and update process involving full and incremental backups from around the globe.  Software solutions from two large MFT providers were replaced early in the conversion, and a new, less expensive MFT package was deployed to handle inbound Internet-facing traffic.

4) An MFT vendor contracted File Transfer Consulting to advise on and suggest a roadmap for a medium-term consolidate-and-coexist MFT strategy of a customer who also used Sterling Commerce (trademark IBM) and several other vendors.

5) Another MFT vendor brought File Transfer Consulting into a deal to safely convert users and workflows from a legacy system onto their software.

6) Still another MFT vendor hired File Transfer Consulting to analyze and provide recommendations on marketing its product portfolio to potential buyers.

7) A small company contracted File Transfer Consulting to extend or replace his scripting tool and migrate any necessary scripts.  (We completed this engagement in under a day!)

8) Under contract from a health care auditing agency, File Transfer Consulting stood up a HIPAA-compliant file exchange accessible from the desktops of multiple auditors and sources reviewing sensitive case files subject to privacy laws.

9) At the request of a large software distributor, File Transfer Consulting wrote a thread-safe API for their favorite file transfer engine to support unattended cloud provisioning operations.

10) File Transfer Consulting signed an annual retainer with a financial services watchdog firm (with limited IT staff) to make sure their file transfer servers remain accessible and up-to-date.  (This engagement began by integrating a special type of corporate-wide encryption into some existing MFT technology.)

…and we’re adding more every month.  Please contact us if you would like to ask us about your project.